Katie Deutsch

East High, Maize South seniors win WSU entrepreneurship scholarships Katie Deutsch goes to yard sales with her mother – and sells her finds on eBay. Everett Lacy doesn’t just enjoy hanging out at downtown’s Mead’s Corner coffeehouse, he is trying to figure out how to reproduce it. That’s the entrepreneurial…

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Derek Dobler

When I think back to my childhood school memories, certain events stick out vividly to this day.  I remember going to Cow Town and washing clothes by hand, recreating book events from the novel The Hobbit, playing laser tag with my graduating class as a send off for us to…

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Dustin Wilgers

Dustin graduated from Holy Cross Lutheran School in 1993. After finishing high school at Valley Center, he went on a 14-year academic journey covering 3 states and 4 schools. By the end, Dustin had 3 degrees (B.S – Southwestern College, M.S. – Kansas State University, Ph.D. – University of Nebraska-Lincoln),…

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