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6th Grade


No memory work this week.  The students are finishing up their puppet shows and I am excited to see how they turn out.

Language Arts:

Reading: Partner work this week.

English:   Verb quiz #3 – any time!

Spelling: Latin and Greek Roots this week.


We began our new unit covering force and motion today.  We had some technical difficulties so we didn’t get as far as we would have liked, but the first test will not be until after conferences.


l Studies: We are now studying Israel and the history of the region. We have looked at how Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Joshua helped established the kingdom of Israel.

Tech EDU: 

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This quarter we are working on creating our own videos to help us remember all the care, safety, and health tips we have covered thus far in the school year pertaining to our tablets and their care.

7th Grade


Parents: I want your children to take responsibility for their assignments, as I know you do too, but realize that they are in transition and continue to need encouragement.  The only real homework that they have for religion class is memory work each Tuesday – with the assigned Bible verses on their assignment sheet that was given at the beginning of the quarter.  I also know that Ms. Vanwey reads the memory work with them on Monday and writes a reminder on the board so there is no excuse for not knowing it – except that the student chooses not to study it.  God’s Word is vital for our minds and hearts and so I would encourage you to talk with your child.  As with every class, there are those who faithfully know their memory and are prepared for class, and there are those who “let it slide,” especially as the school year progresses.  We are nearing the end of this 2nd quarter and there’s “sliding” being done.  Please help your child to realize the importance of responsibility a turning in assignments on time.  Pastor Myers


No test this week.  The students are working on invertebrate children stories.  So far they have done a great job. I am excited to see the finished product.


Vocab.:  Review exercises

English: Finishing Unit 1 – Test Thurs.


Social Studies: We are continuing our study of the United Sates west of the Mississippi River. Next week we will finish up that chapter and begin looking at Canada.

Tech EDU:

Check out my blog at http://technology.lovemyschool.net.

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This quarter we are beginning to learn about online searches and how to look for reliable sites and differentiate them from unreliable sites online.

We are also looking for Skype Classrooms to participate in.

8th Grade


Language Arts:

Reading:  Short story unit. Short story analysis #2 is due TUESDAY, OCT. 9. Reading test this week on Wed. and Thurs.

Vocab : Rev. Exercises

English:  Reviewing Unit 1.  Test this week Thurs. or Friday. Last journal turn-in for the quarter will be Friday, Oct. 12.


We are working on finishing up our chapter on the nervous system but I am afraid that won’t happen until after conferences.  The students do have a lab activity that is due on Monday the 22nd.

Social Studies:  We are now looking at the government that was created by the Constitution and what all is included in the Bill of Rights.

Tech Edu

Check out my blog at http://technology.lovemyschool.net.

Have a question?  Want to suggest a topic?  Please let me know via email, text, or stop in to see me!  I’m always happy to hear your thoughts.

8th grade is working on a variety of projects.  The main project (an most important) is the 8th Grade Grad Video. They need to begin collecting pictures and facts to add to the project.  Please encourage them to download pictures at home and bring in pictures they need scanned for this project.

We aret also starting a VLOG.  Please watch for details as we look to upload our first episode this week!  You will find this as one of the channels on our school YouTube site.

6th-8th Grades:

P.E.: This week we started our first Life Adventure unit the sixth graders are playing eclipse-ball and the seventh and eighth graders are learning and playing pickle-ball.

Math Tests:  

6th Grade test on Monday.  (Oct. 22nd)

Algebra I: 


All sports seasons are now underway  For a complete schedules and other information see the athletic blog at: http://www.athletics.lovemyschool.net


Youth Ministry: 

Sunday Morning Bible Class meets at 9:45 in the Gym. We look forward to seeing you there!

Any questions, email Pam Amey

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Language Arts: Mrs. Vanwey
Math/Science: Mr. Kelly
Algebra: Mrs. Dobler
Social Studies/PE: Mr. Wolgast
Computers: Mrs. Wallace
Art: Mrs. Walterscheid
Vocal Music: Mrs. Franson
Band: Mr. Cheray
Religion: Pastor Snow / Pastor Myers / Brian Amey
Spanish: Pam Amey
Elective ASL: Miss Raylee

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