HCL Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Purpose

The Ministry of Youth exists to involve the youth of the congregation in the work of Christ in Christian service, worship and witness, provide for and nurture their spiritual growth, and to promote genuine Christian fellowship for the youth of the congregation. Learn more by checking out the Youth Ministry site or Facebook page!

Focus of our Ministry

Our youth participate in many activities throughout the year to help them grow spiritually, share the Gospel, and build relationships.

Spiritual Growth  Activities

  • Sunday and Wednesday Bible Studies
  • Junior Youth Youth Quake
  • District Youth Gatherings and Camps
  • Junior Youth Retreat
  • National Youth Gathering

Sharing the Gospel & Service

  • Spring Break Servant Event
  • Dare2Share Conference
  • 30-Hour Famine
  • Lutheran Malaria Initiative
  • Summer Safari
  • Peer Leadership/Mentoring

Building Relationships

  • Lock-Ins and Lock-Downs
  • Youth Week
  • Circuit Events
  • Fireworks Fundraiser
  • Junior Youth  Night Activities

The Youth Commission exists to support the Youth Minister in:

  • Establishing and maintaining short- and long-term goals for Youth Ministry.
  • Facilitating the planning of strategies, activities, and events that support the congregational and Youth Ministry goals.
  • Providing for the continual spiritual growth of youth through Bible study, prayer, and Christian service.
  • Training and involving youth of the congregation in Christian witnessing.
  • Recruiting and training lay leadership for the programs developed.
  • Serving as an extension of and support group for the professional Youth Ministry staff.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Holy Cross Youth Ministry.
Our dedicated staff and volunteers are as follows:

Youth Minister: Brian Amey

Youth Commissioner: Aaron Zimmerman

Commission Members: Randy Allenbach, Bekki Friesen, Jaime Poulos, Brett Walton, Scott Grant, Helena Dieckhoff


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