7th Grade News


Science:  We had to push our test back to Tuesday.  We will do a final review on Monday. 

Reading: We are reading various selections in the anthology. The book report for 4th quarter is Old Yeller. Deadline 3 is MONDAY, MAY 13.

Vocab.:  Unit 10 has been assigned. Unit 10 paragraph is due May 17

English:  Unit 4

Social Studies:  The class is finishing up Chapter 3. We will probably have our test next Tuesday. Chapter 4 looks at settlers coming into Kansas and the events that led to “Bleeding Kansas”.

Our Faith

Mission Statement:

We, through God’s grace, nurture spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social growth in children by guiding them to become responsible citizens and members of the body of Christ.

This Year’s Theme:

“Real. Present. God.”