Art Volunteers

Please contact Mrs. Walterscheid if you have any questions, wish to sign up to help or need to change your scheduled time.

Art Volunteers 2013_2014

Kindergarten Volunteers

Carol Beverly

Angie Vega


First Grade Volunteers

Carol Beverly

Tara Kuntz

Renee Beyea when she doesn’t have Bible study


Second Grade Volunteers

Tanya Webster

Angie Vega

Jennifer Schoning


Third Grade Volunteers

Kathy Beal once a month

Sarah Hayes once a month

Patti Scales once a month

Stephanie Andrews twice a month

Christine Tuck every week

Kim Rickman as needed

Danille Cary as needed


Fourth Grade Volunteers

Stephanie Andrews every third week

Kristen Daniels every third week

Kay Pamatmat every third week


Fifth Grade Volunteers

Sarah Hayes not on the first Thursday

LeAnn Allred every third week

Kay Pamatmat every third week



Sixth Grade Volunteers

Brenda Drury every week

Danille Cary as needed

Tracy Wingate as needed


Seventh Grade Volunteers

Deb Trevett as needed

Kathy Beal as needed


Eighth Grade Volunteers

Traci Grant

Patti Scales and Sarah Hayes will help with polymer clay nativities


Our Faith

Mission Statement:

We, through God’s grace, nurture spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social growth in children by guiding them to become responsible citizens and members of the body of Christ.

This Year’s Theme:

“Real. Present. God.”