Why Holy Cross?

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Who We Are

Recognizing our Higher purpose, we partner with families and our congregation to:

Develop Biblically sound individuals and Christian leaders through excellence in Christian education

Grow our school community by modeling and teaching Christ-like living and providing excellent education

Be Christ’s witnesses to the community and be known for our quality Christ-centered education and service


  • It was a pleasure to have a home visit from Mrs. Snow before school started – I love that tradition… After the Back to School Bash, I had Declan ask me, “Can you call my teacher and ask her if I can come to school a day early?”

    Katie Nelson
  • When asked for three words to describe Holy Cross in a 2017-2018 Survey… the 3 most frequently used words?

    Caring, Christ-centered, Friendly

    Three Words
  • I have heard stories from proud parents of Holy Cross Lutheran School. It is a good Christian school, a great church environment with good people around. My husband and I thought to honor God by letting our children be part of this great school. Since then, we have enjoyed every moment of our journey. Holy Cross Lutheran School prepares your children academically and spiritually. Our children have matured at a very young age and they see the world from the eyes of Christ-centered lives.

    Judith Makenya-Kombe
  • I love the Chick-fil-a sandwiches that we get for

    lunch sometimes.

    Anonymous Student
  • I love that we learn about Jesus! My friends are nice,

    and everyone is so kind.

    Anonymous Student
  • I think the people and teachers that go here are

    really nice and loyal. I think that the uniforms

    are very nice. It was a blessing to be here.

    Anonymous Student
  • We love you Holy Cross!
    Anonymous Student
  • I love the educational games on the iPads.
    Anonymous Student
  • I love my teacher, Computer class, STEM,

    AR reading, Art, Books, and Jesus.

    Anonymous Student
  • I love the nice people and being able to learn about

    God with other Christians around me. I know that

    all the teachers want to grow our faith,

    and give us a good education.

    Anonymous Student
  • What I love is the kind and caring students,

    teachers, the principal, the clean facility,

    and the safe learning environment.

    Anonymous Student
  • I love how we have good Christian friends,

    and how we work together.

    Anonymous Student
  • I love the opportunities to do all the sports,

    and I love all the students and teachers.

    My favorite class is P.E.

    Anonymous Student
  • I love the nice respectful teachers,

    and the great food.

    Anonymous Student
  • I love watching the soccer games, especially

    cheering on the team.

    Anonymous Student

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