Integrated Classrooms

At Holy Cross, we expand our student’s knowledge beyond the standard subjects of Math, History and Science.  By integrating classes like PE, music, art, computer technology and band into the daily realm of a student’s world, we feel that we can not only enhance their education, but strengthen their individuality, shining God’s light on all the gifts He provides us.  Our students leave Holy Cross well-rounded in their knowledge and talents.  Beyond this, we provide a Resource program that is designed to assist classroom teachers in meeting the educational needs of students who need assistance in reading, math, or other skill areas as well as students who need challenging enrichment activities. This is part of our school’s high standards of excellence and provided free of charge for students who are engaged in this program.

Meet our Integrated Classroom teachers –

Mrs. Jennifer Walterscheid


Art Instruction

Mrs. Cindy Franson

Choir / Music

Mr. Cassidy Cheray


Band Instrumentals

Mrs. Katherine Wallace


Computer Technology

Mrs. Janet Dobler

Student Resource

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