Dress Code



Holy Cross Lutheran School requires all students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 to adhere to this Dress Code. The purpose of this Dress Code is to build school spirit, provide security and identification, and reduce difficulties arising from fashion trends. All clothing shall be appropriate for a Christian school.
We understand that difficulties may arise with having clothing that adheres to this Dress Code ready to wear every day. Therefore, we are prepared to make temporary allowances to meet emergencies. However, when a student comes to school exhibiting non-conformity to this Dress Code, the student will be sent to the office and a parent will be called. The child may be asked to remain in the office until the correction is made.
Parents are encouraged to send outgrown uniform clothing and spirit wear to the school office for our exchange program. These will be available to parents at no charge.


As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child comes to school properly dressed. Please make sure your child is dressed according to this Dress Code before he/she comes to school. If you have any doubt as to whether an article of clothing satisfies this requirements of this Dress Code, please contact the school office or a member of the Dress Code Committee.



  • No hairstyles that cause a distraction to the learning environment, such as Mohawks will be permitted, except at the principal’s discretion.
  • No unnatural hair colors will be permitted except during spirit week.


  1. Oxford shirts — long or short sleeved, with a collar
  2. Polo style shirts — long or short sleeved, with a collar
  3. Turtleneck shirts — long sleeved, worn under oxford shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, sweaters, or Spirit-wear sweatshirts

*Students in K-4 may wear a turtleneck without the outer layer.

  • The shirt colors are solid white, light blue, and navy blue.
  • Only solid white undershirts may be worn under Dress Code shirts.
  • No emblems or brand name labels, other than Holy Cross Lutheran School, may be worn on shirts.
  • Indoors, only Booster Club blue or gray sweatshirts, fleece vests, or jackets may be worn.
  • Booster Club T-shirts are not part of the Uniform Dress Code.
  • Dress Code shirts must be worn under the sweatshirts,  fleece vests, or jackets.
  • All shirts must be tucked in.
  • Sweatshirts should not have holes, tears, or be frayed, and they should fit properly.

Dress Slacks/Pants and Dress Shorts:
Slacks/pants and shorts may be either solid navy blue or khaki (tan) in color. Natural waist and mid-rise slacks/pants and shorts are acceptable. Low-rise are not acceptable. They may be pleated or flat-front and may come with or without cuffs.

Shorts may be worn only during the months of August, September, October, April, and May. The length of the shorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knees.

The following are not allowed as part of the Uniform Dress Code:

  • Baggy slacks/pants or shorts
  • Tight fitting (skinny fit) pants
  •  Low-rise slacks/pants or shorts
  •  Capri pants
  •  Denim, corduroy, and knit fabrics


Girls in Grades K – 3 should wear any navy blue uniform jumper.
Girls in Grade 4 – 5 may wear the uniform jumper or uniform skirt.

Girls in Grades 4-8 may wear any navy or khaki uniform skirt that is no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

  • The length of jumpers and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knees.
  • Shorts worn under jumpers and skirts may be of any color and should not hang down under the skirt line when standing.


Socks and Tights: White, black, or navy blue, socks or tights are to be worn with all types of shoes and sandals.
Leggings and Knit Pants: White, black, or navy blue ankle length leggings or knit pants may be worn under jumpers or skirts.
Shoes: Shoes must have either a strap around the back of the foot or have a totally enclosed heel.
Sweaters: Solid navy blue or white uniform sweaters may be worn over shirts. No emblems or brand name labels may be worn on sweaters.
Jewelry: All jewelry must be modest in style and quantity. The classroom teacher will determine what is modest.
Head Coverings: No hats, caps, scarves, or other head coverings may be worn.
Belts: Black or brown belts are encouraged for Grades 6-8 but not required.  Belts are optional for Grades K-5.


Lutheran Schools Week and Spirit Week (Topeka Tournament)*: Students not participating in the selected Spirit Dress must follow the Uniform Dress Code.
HC Spirit Day: The first Friday of the month or on special designated days, students may wear Holy Cross Spiritwear or class t-shirts and blue jeans, blue denim skirts, or solid blue skirts. Shorts or Capri pants may be worn during August, September, October, April and May.  No athletic attire is permitted on Spirit Day. Uniform Dress code pants, shorts, or skirts are also permitted.  Blue jean shorts or blue jean capri pants may be worn during August, September, October, April, and May. The length of all shorts and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

Free Dress Day: The last Friday of the month and on special designated days, including the last calendar day before Christmas break, students may dress according to the Free Dress guidelines.

Birthdays: Students celebrating a birthday may have a Free Dress day. Students may dress according to the Free Dress guidelines.

* Specific guidelines will be addressed in the weekly school newsletter.


  • Christian principles of school dress will be followed.
  • Denim pants or jeans, corduroy or knit slacks/pants, and athletic track pants may be worn. Jeans and pants should not be tight/form fitting nor have holes, tears, or be frayed.
  • Sweatpants, yoga, spandex, and tight/form fitting pants or jeans may not be worn.
  • Shorts or Capri pants may be worn in August, September, October, April, and May.
  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts are to be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • T-shirts, including those purchased from Booster Club, may be worn.
  • No suggestive clothing may be worn. Shirts must be long enough so that skin is not visible at any time. Low cut tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, and “see-through” mesh shirts may not be worn.
  • No violent, suggestive, or offensive pictures, logos, or words may be worn on any clothing.
  • The principal may grant occasional exceptions to the Dress Code for special days and circumstances.

Dress Code Faculty Reps

  • Mrs. Gwen Thomas (Chair)
  • Mrs. Deb Snow
  • Mrs. Peggy Drew
  • Mr. Jacob Kelly
  • Michele Zimmerman

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